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Behind the scenes at Mauldons, our Brewery

Updated: May 1

Brewing fine Suffolk Ales since 1795, Mauldon’s core range is five traditional award-winning ales with seasonal brews created throughout the year. We’re incredibly proud to brew our own ale and hope you’ve enjoyed a pint or two of our Silver Adder or Moletrap on tap at The Bildeston Crown. In fact, we’re unbelievably proud of Mauldons, Suffolk’s oldest brewery.

The History of Mauldons

In 1795, the Mauldon family first became involved in brewing. Anna Maria Mauldon began brewing at the Bull Hotel in Sudbury and eventually the business consisted of a brewery with some 30 tied public houses, a wine and spirit trade and a small farm. In 1981, Peter Mauldon, a descendant of Anna Maria decided to re-establish the family business and start a brewery in Sudbury once again.

In 1982, the first barrels of beer were being brewed again in Sudbury by a Mauldon. When Peter and Jane Mauldon decided to retire, Steve and Alison Sims brought the Sudbury brewery in 2000. The brewery was well established, using only traditional methods and quality materials and supplied a range of premium real ales throughout the country.

In September 2019, Nedging Hall Estate purchased the brewery. With a passion for beer and particularly Mauldons beer, it seemed only natural that it should continue in the hands of a family who care.

About Mauldons

Mauldons is unique. The key point of difference between us and other breweries is that we know where everything comes from. The barley is grown on the family farm surrounding Nedging Hall. We pride ourselves on crafting the very best brews. We have won several awards through the years. More recently, Mauldons Brewery’s Suffolk Pride took home Gold in the Best British Bitter at the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) East Independent Beer Awards.

Steve Birch, our Head Brewer, has been with Mauldons over 40 years and he is behind the success of Mauldons; we wouldn’t be here without him. Our team are vital to the business and genuinely care about the whole process across the whole estate. They are, and always will be the driving force behind our success.

Sustainability first

There is a genuine commitment to leave the environment in a better state than we found it in. Malting barley grown on the farm is one of the key ingredients used at Mauldons, and the spent grains are then feed to Red Poll cattle, a Suffolk rare bread. The beef is subsequently used in The Bildeston Crown excellent restaurant. Meanwhile, maize grown on the farm is sent to AD plants owned by the estate, which produce electricity used within the businesses, this ensures that all electricity consumed is renewable. A by-product of this is CO2 which is captured and used at the brewery in carbonating the beers.

We love that our businesses work full circle. We craft the ales that go into our three Suffolk pubs, The Lindsey Rose, The Bildeston Crown and The Brewery Tap.


So go on, enjoy that next pint of Mauldons pale ale knowing exactly where it’s come from…

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