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Bildeston to Chelsworth Walk

Updated: May 1

Duration: 1.5 hrs • Distance: 5km (3.35 miles)

Bildeston is surrounded by gorgeous Suffolk Countryside, and we have the perfect walk that’ll help you explore it.

Not only that but this walk will take you past our historic Church and to the neighbouring village of Chelsworth. A simple and calming loop that’ll lead you back to us. 

By the end you’ll be ready to cosy up by the fire with a warm meal at the end of it; something we at The Bildeston Crown are always eager to offer...


  1. Take a right outside of The Bildeston Crown and follow the road until you reach Bildeston Clock Tower

  2. Turn left onto Chapel Street

  3. Continue onto Church Road

  4. Follow the road until you reach St Mary Magdelene Church Bildeston

  5. Follow the road past the church and turn right at the end of the road

  6. At the fork in the road turn left

  7. Follow the path through the farmer's fields

  8. Follow the hiking path around the field 

  9. Continue straight for 1km – following the hiking trail signs

  10. Turn left at the T-intersection

  11. Turn right onto The Street B1115

  12. Follow the path (past the Peacock Inn) until the fork marks Bildeston Road and Parsonage Lane

  13. Turn left at the fork and follow the hiking path through the farmer's field

  14. Follow until Church Road

  15. Turn right at the junction and follow the path back to Bildeston Clock Tower

  16. Turn right at the Clock Tower and follow the road to The Bildeston Crown

  17. Have a well-deserved rest with a meal and a refreshing drink!

The Bildeston Crown is situated in a rural part of Suffolk, surrounded by rolling countryside. Our rural location gives us some of the most beautiful walks in the county. On Sundays, not much beats a stunning Suffolk walk followed by a delicious roast dinner.

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